Some of our proposals

#1271 Two-family house

15020 Villamiroglio AL, Italia
€ 290.000

In Villamiroglio, a hilly small town a few km from Casale Monferrato,

#1233 Detached house

Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 14, 15040 Mirabello Monferrato AL, Italia
€ 330.000

Detached house dated of 1700 located in Mirabello Monferrato (Alessandria), set out

#1256 Detached two family house

Via Prielli, 73, 15030 Stevani AL, Italia
€ 480.000

In Rosignano Monferrato, Stevani, in a splendid position with panoramic views over

#1257 Two-family house

Via Italia, 13039 Robella VC, Italia
€ 180.000

In Robella, a fraction of the Municipality of Trino (VC), we offer

#1258 Two-family house

Via Sant' Ambrogio, 2, 15040 Frassineto Po AL, Italia
€ 110.000

In Frassineto Po (AL), in a central location but at the same

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