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Everybody's crazy about Monferrato

Everybody's crazy about Monferrato

The endless landscapes with vine-covered hills that alternate seamlessly with the valleys, the wine (Barberà Ruché, Moscato, international grapes), the raw materials in the kitchen (fassone, vegetables, flours), the quiet, the lounging. Monferrato is becoming a favorite destination for wine lovers. "In ten years it will be the new destination of choice for wine lovers. The value of houses is growing, the GDP is up 20 percent compared to 2019, so of the pre-Covid year, and the events related to wine and food come one after another with a very high quality." This was emphasized by the deputy governor of Piedmont, Fabio Carosso, who in recent days inaugurated the cruise of Piedmontese specialties in the Mediterranean basin, in collaboration with Costa Cruises, on board the Diadema.

"The goal is precisely to make this area a new tourist destination for beauty and quality," says Carosso. "As a wine destination, the Langhe is settling down, they cannot grow out of proportion: with Monferrato, you remain on the Unesco heritage hills that everyone loves, but with a breath of fresh air. In recent years, hotels, wine resorts and B&Bs have also grown, and many young people are investing in agriculture, even rediscovering ancient crops such as thornless artichokes and native peppers.

In addition to the UNESCO recognition, which dates back to 2014, just a few days ago Gran Monferrato and Alto Piemonte were awarded the prestigious title of European Wine Territory 2024. And now the focus is on investment to broaden future prospects. "Of course we need to improve in the accommodation offer, and I'm referring to hotels and other hospitality complexes: we need to open up to investors, that is, those who buy homes in our areas and those who invest in receptive facilities," Carosso explains. "Also fundamental is the quality of food and wine: we have many wonderful trattorias to which restaurants must be added in order to diversify the offer. Then there are wonderful places to visit, I'm thinking of Moncalvo in the Casalese area."

Source: La Repubblica