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Extension of mortgage benefits

Extension of mortgage benefits

News on the way for the under-36s and other priority categories: the deadline for taking out mortgage contracts with up to 80 percent Consap guarantee will move from Sept. 30 to Dec. 31, 2023.

With the extension of mortgages for young people, which will be approved by the Council of Ministers today, Sept. 27, there will thus be time until the end of the year to benefit from the facility.

An earlier postponement had already been established by the Omnibus Decree, specifically Article 4-sexies of Decree Law No. 51/2023.

The measure, introduced by the Supports bis decree in addition to the youth first home bonus for under 36, allows for a broad public guarantee to specific categories.

The first concerns young people who enter into a mortgage contract and meet the following requirements:

ISEE up to 40,000 euros;

buyers who have not reached the age of 36 in the year in which the deed for the purchase of the first home is signed;

value of the property up to 250,000 euros.

Purchasers must also not own any other property for residential use in Italy or abroad.

Cases of inheritance and transfers for free use to sibling parents represent an exception.