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Italy regains confidence in real estate

Italy regains confidence in real estate

Now that rampant inflation is threatening to wipe out savings, real estate investment has once again become a favorite for those who are looking to increase their wealth. Even at a time of rising interest rates, in fact, according to the latest reports, Italians continue to see this type of investment as safer and less risky, especially in this period of uncertainty related to the global geopolitical situation.

House prices per square meter increased throughout Italy during 2022, starting a growth trend that is expected to continue in 2023. This is according to the annual forecast report by Maiora Solutions, an innovative startup specializing in artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis tools for companies in different sectors, which analyzed more than 600 thousand sales listings in Italy's 30 major cities, covering the period January-December 2022. The growth values also include the rental market, whose prices in 2022 presented the positive sign almost everywhere in the main cities of the Italian Peninsula.

The results indicate for 2023 a forecast increase in sales prices for a large number of Italian cities analyzed, including Milan, Rome, which had a +4 percent average increase in 2022. Interesting is the case of Turin, which ended last year with +8%, after years of decline in the residential market, and which is also expected to maintain growth in 2023. Excellent performances also in Bolzano (+15%), Campobasso (+12%), Reggio Emilia (+12%), Bari, Potenza and Reggio Calabria (+6): cities expected to confirm the positive trend.

Rent focus

The year 2022 has seen a widespread increase in rental prices in Italian cities. On a general level, in northern Italy, where about 205,000 rental ads were monitored, there is a relevant increase in monthly rental rates for all types of housing and in particular for two-room and four-room apartments, which mark a +8% increase. One-room and three-room apartments, meanwhile, registered +6% and +5%, respectively.