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How to obtain a mortgage

How to obtain a mortgage

How to get a mortgage

Buying one's dream home is a significant step in many people's lives and financial support from the bank is often essential to realise this goal. However, before you can apply for a mortgage for your first home, you must fulfil several legal and financial requirements, including:

- Having a certain type of income

- Calculate the down payment possibility and mortgage amount

- Not having overdue financing or having a guarantor.

What income do you need to have to obtain a mortgage? There is no precise figure that guarantees the approval of a mortgage. The amount needed as security from the bank may vary depending on the individual application.

Among the requirements for buying a house with an affordable mortgage it is essential to have sufficient liquidity to cover at least 20% of the mortgage value of the property, as the bank usually does not grant more than 80%. In addition, the bank stipulates that the mortgage instalment must not exceed 1/3 of one's monthly income. There are also 100% mortgages on the market, but you have to meet specific requirements that the financial institution assesses individually.

What documents must be presented to the bank to obtain a mortgage? Each lending institution follows specific procedures, but in general the documents required to apply for a mortgage include:

- Identity documents

- Marital status certificate or extract from the marriage certificate, complete with all annotations

- Income documents (730, CUD, Unico)

- Copy of the "purchase proposal" or "preliminary purchase and sale agreement".

- Planimetry showing neighbouring properties both of the property and of any appurtenances (cellar, attic, garage)

- Copy of the habitability certificate

- Copy of the last deed of purchase of the property

- Other documents relating to the property requested by the surveyor.

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